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King Salmon
Common Name: King Salmon
Other Names: Chinook, Blackmouth
Description: First in quality. Dark blue fading to silver. Black gums. Black spots dorsally and on tail. There are white Kings that have white flesh naturally, Most of these come out of Columbia River area. The flavor is similar to red; however, because of lack of public knowledge, you don't hear too much about the whites.
Fat Content: High
Size: 4 - 30 lbs. and larger (a few up to 100 lbs.)
Range: Pacific Coast and rivers from Central California north to Alaska
Season: Spring to Fall - They run at different times in different areas. Peak supplies are in June, July, and August. Kings enter Copper River and Prince William Sound in Alaska in middle of May, In May and June, California Kings are marketed. In July, Kings are available from Washington and Oregon coasts. One excepton is the local Blackmouth from Puget Sound area which are available earlier in the year. No Blackmouth can be caught until they reach a length of 22 inches.
Available Forms: Steak, fillet, smoked, dressed
Flesh: Rich, oily, flavorful. Color varies from deep red to white, most being red. Skin color fades as salmon swim up river to spawning.